Phase Zero Evaluation

Whitman Designs loves innovation, and we love working with innovators. Nothing is more rewarding than working with someone from the genesis of an idea, helping them realize their vision, and watching that idea come to fruition and succeed. We set ourselves apart when it comes to innovation and discovery for two reasons. Firstly, we have an environment that fosters and nurtures new ideas - they aren't just "another job"; in fact, they're the most exciting projects for us! And secondly, we have the breadth and depth of expertise to say if your idea is viable and worth pursuing.

Some projects are an instant win, and some aren't worth pursuing at all, but most fall in the middle. We're here to provide you with evaluations and feasibility studies to help you make the most educated decisions regarding the development of your project

We will research the target and potential markets, conduct an in-depth examination of your concept, explore potential intellectual property conflicts and threats, and more so that we can give you the information you need before you fully commit resources. This is a small investment that saves time and money, lowers risk, and provides a strong framework from which we can begin developing your idea.