I have an idea for a product! Can Whitman Designs just design it for me?

Sure we could! But one thing you'll find is that we emphasize communication with the client as one of the primary cornerstones of our methods. If you just hand off your idea, you may end up with a product that doesn't align with what you imagined at the drawing board, and if you're not happy neither are we. We'll work with you to develop CAD files, iterate through prototypes, investigate design alternatives, and help with any ancillary work that is needed to make your idea a success. This involves an open dialogue and transparent relationship that isn't found in an opaque black-box-input-output development process.

If you're interested how we approach our work, take a few minutes to learn about our IDEA Method™.

How do I transform my idea into a product?

So you have a stroke of inspiration but you don't have the knowledge or experience to transform your idea from a concept in your mind to a real, physical product. That's why we're here! With experience in a broad range of industries, Whitman Designs is your resource to make your dreams come to life. Not only will we help you design your product, we will also work with you to refine your market and and sales strategies to put you on the path to success for when you launch.

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Is it safe to share my idea with Whitman Designs?

Absolutely! We take the protection of intellectual property very seriously. Laying the foundation of trust and security is our very first priority when beginning work with a client, and we take every step of the process seriously. Between NDAs and both physical and digital security measures, we ensure your data and ideas and intellectual property are safe with us.

How much will it cost?

Whitman Designs operates on a per-project basis, and without the details of your project there's no way for us to give an accurate estimate. Detailing a CAD drawing takes a different set of skills and amount of time than developing a new design or mechanism integral to a device's final intended function.

When you contact us about a project, we will open a dialogue with you to assess your needs. Following this, we will provide you a quote detailing proposed hours, rates, milestones, and deliverables for your project, along with an estimated timeline.

Please keep in mind all of these are estimates and subject to change as the project evolves. We will be open and honest about communicating any possible obstacles and their potential impact on the project as soon as we identify them. Our goal is to make your ideas a reality quickly and effortlesly, and open communication is a major cornerstone of our philosophy that makes that possible.

How do I sell my idea?

You have a great idea, but you need some external support to fully realize your vision. We can help facilitate that! Whitman Designs understands that getting a prospective investor, supporter, or contributor to fully buy-in to your project can be a major factor in the long-term success of your project. Once we define your needs and any budget or time constraints, we work with you to develop the resources and content that will help make your pitch a winning one. From physical and virtual prototypes to design documents and estimated COGS, Whitman Designs is here to help make your project a success, from concept generation all the way to launch.

Will you invest in my project? Will you buy my idea?

While we love what we do, and we love being involved in innovative projects and helping them succeed, we are not an investment firm, nor are we looking to provide services for future stake in a company or royalties. However, we understand that working to develop a successful product is an investment, both financially and time-wise, and will work with you to find the right path to market that meets your budget and your goals.

And if you are seeking more capital, we're more than happy to discuss assembling resources to help you pitch your idea to new investors, and we can probably point you in the direction of some while we're at it!

Where is your portfolio?

Believe us, we would love to be able to share what we've designed for clients, but due to the nature of our market - startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs - we lack the ability to showcase our work upon completion of a contract. We have talked to clients about allowing us to show our contributions to their projects once they officially launch, but protecting their intellectual property - and yours - comes first.

What software do you use?

Modern software is a vital piece of our workflow at Whitman Designs, and while we still use old-school pen-and-paper to quickly record and expand on ideas, the final products we produce are created with best-in-class software. From various CAD and rendering packages to artistic tools, we ensure we have the most up-to-date capabilities to bring you the best results possible.

How do I start a project with Whitman Designs?

That depends on the scope of your project! If you only have a rough concept, we can work through the entire development cycle with you and take your idea from a sketch on a cocktail napkin to a fully realized physical product. If you have more, such as design documents, VOC, existing CAD files, or anything else, then we can have a conversation about what you'd like to accomplish and how Whitman Designs can help you.

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Note that we require a fully executed NDA before the commencement of any work, but we are happy to sign one at any time in order to facilitate full and open discussions about your project as soon as possible.