Discovering the problem and defining your target

Effective strategy begins with the identification of goals. At the outset of the development process, it is vital to discover the problems, opportunities, and challenges that factor into your project. Furthermore, ensuring these factors are defined as fully and thoroughly as possible at the start of the development cycle is essential to establishing a strong foundation from which we can build.

Identify allows us to rapidly establish goals, discover opportunities, analyze targets, define scope and direction, and assemble an action plan with ownership that drives us through development while maintaining forward momentum. Utilizing a tandem approach to examine both internal and external influences and stakeholders, we quickly build a robust and thorough representation of your project enabling us to navigate and solve complex, multi-factor problems with ease. Whether you wish to refine and expand an existing design or create something entirely new from just an idea, Identify is the foundation that allows us to give you the best designs possible quickly and efficiently, saving you time and resources.

While all four phases of our IDEA™ method are practiced everywhere in our business, Identify is particularly relevant to phase-zero evaluations, user research, usability design, regulatory work, and market strategy development.