Scrutinizing results and determining success

The Evaluate phase is where the solutions developed in our D3 phase are subjected to in-depth examination. We have a constant feedback loop throughout the design process constantly ensuring our work is effectively fulfilling the design intent, and this allows us to turn away from unproductive avenues sooner and pursue the most promising ideas faster than traditional phase-gate approaches. However, it is always beneficial to conduct a comprehensive review once the project reaches a certain level of maturity. This review marks the beginning of extensive product validations as well as a chance to obtain further Voice of Customer on the product in a physical embodiment. It also allows us to revisit the regulatory and market requirements and ensure the project is on-target.

Thorough investigation of form, fit, finish, and function allows us to Evaluate each aspect in detail, providing the information necessary to refine features and improve the final product. While stages of product development involving physical goods, prototype production, and testing and validation are often associated with the highest capital expenses, our IDEA Method™ allows us to keep the duration and cycles count of these phases to an absolute minimum while excelling in success and quality. Upon completing our evaluation we generate a report of all project elements and conduct a review with our client. If an element is determined to insufficiently meet the design intent or has significant opportunity for improvement, we take it through the Identify phase and effect the necessary changes. However, if a project element meets all necessary criteria and presents the best solution for the project we Actualize that component and move the product one step closer to launch!

While all four phases of our IDEA™ method are practiced everywhere in our business, Evaluate is particularly relevant to phase-zero evaluation, user research, product development, usability, prototyping, and market strategy.