Implementing and integrating solutions

When we Actualize solutions, we move them out of active iterative development and implement them in a completed functioning state within the project. This does not mean they are no longer subject to changes or completely finalized - we build relationship trees to ensure this - but it does mean that the client agrees that a specific solution meets its design intent. Once all components have been actualized, we take the entire project through the Evaluate phase again. If any issues are discovered the relevant problems are taken through the Identify and D3 phases to bring them up to spec. However, once the components have been unified into an effective and satisfactory product, we help our clients transition their idea into production.

This portion of the process is incredibly heavy on decision making, both for Whitman Designs and for our clients. We work with and advise clients to determine and effect these often-important development choices into a successful final product.

While all four phases of our IDEA™ method are practiced everywhere in our business, Actualize is particularly relevant to product development, design, usability, prototyping, market strategy, and device production.